Friday, March 9, 2012


I'm looking for purple wedding shoes and need ideas.  Please post pictures of shoes you wore or are planning to wear for your wedding.  I am interested to see what's out there.  Don't forget to mention the brand or where you got it from and if they are comfortable!!


I FELL IN LOVE with these purple shoes when I seen them!! I had to have them, brought them offline.

I wore the Nina Electras in purple. If you order them from the Nina website, you can customize the heel height (3.25" or 4") and they also have lots of other styles that you can customize and make them purple. I loved mine!


There are so many nuances of purple to choose from, that you need to be very specific in choosing the right shade of purple. Many brides these days feel like breaking a little bit the pattern of a white appearance and in this respect they choose to wear a spot of color within the overall white of their bridal aspect.

  For instance, white wedding gown embroidered with purple thread on the bodice and wearing as such purple wedding shoes in the hue of the embroidery.Other brides prefer ordering for a wedding gown that is of a vintage style with a purple sash made of silk wrapping the line of their waste while the rest of the dress is brilliant white and of a tea length A-line style.


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