Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dark Blue And White Wedding Cake Sweety LoveLy

Lowcountry Inspired Wedding Cake by Cakes By Elaine Mincey. Dark Blue Hydrangeas and florets are placed randomly on the cake.

I want a three or four tiered cake, kinda like the black and white one only dark blue and white. I only want the the designes to come half up the tiers. And like the second picture i want dark blue flowers inbetween each tier.

This icing is made from sugar, gelatin and corn syrup. The fondant is rolled out with a rolling pin and then draped over the cake and pressed into shape.
It looks very smooth and hard. Fondant can be decorated with gum paste flowers, marzipan (Italian almond paste) or ribbons of icing. It does not need refrigeration, therefore it would make a great option for your beach wedding.

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