Friday, March 9, 2012

Ivory Bridal Shoes

Ivory wedding shoes are so beautiful.  They are a really rich color and they usually complement a cream or ivory wedding dress so well.  The color just has such a romantic feel and when you put on these ivory bridal shoes, you will feel ready to get married. Tip for those looking for ivory shoes:  If you have a white dress, it is best to avoid these ivory shoes.  But, if you have a cream or ivory dress, it is best to go with ivory shoes and not with white wedding shoes.  

  The white wedding shoe will stand out too much, but the ivory wedding shoe will be subtle, but elegant.  Above, I’ve compiled the best group of ivory wedding shoes that I’ve seen in awhile.


.  If you can’t seem to find the right shade to match your dress, consider buying a pair of gold wedding shoes instead of buying ivory.  Gold matches really well with the ivory and helps to bring out any rhinestones or sparkly details on your dress.  Plus, gold is a great color to wear later on after your wedding.

  If you don’t like high heels, consider buying a pair of flat ivory shoes.  If buying flats, try to get them with a little bit of height or your heels will start to hurt without the arch.  There are plenty of gorgeous flats to choose from so look carefully.


The platforms will give you the extra height with the extra comfort so you won’t be sore at the end of the night.  There are many platforms that look very feminine.  One alternative besides platforms is to get ivory wedge bridal shoes.  These wedge heels will allow you to be super comfortable and you won’t have to deal with a heel.  The wedge is great for balance and for brides worried about tripping.

  Your ivory wedding shoe will be gorgeous to wear on your big day.  They are such a special color that you should shop carefully.  Find the type you like, whether it is with rhinestones or more simple with no beading.  Above, we’ve picked out the best shoes that we’ve found so you don’t have to go through and look at every shoe on the web.

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